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blvdway homeowners

We show our appreciation for our homeowners by helping them maintain and enjoy their new investment. This is how we do it.

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Customer Care

We understand that owning a home is a big step and an investment in your future. BLVDWAY will continue to support you with a Homeowner Orientation Walkthrough, a 30-day Checkup, and a two-year Quality Assurance period, to help you rest easy in your new home.

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Quality Assurance

New home buyers often feel pressured to find every possible defect in their home prior to closing for fear that if they miss something significant, it will not be repaired. BLVDWAY’s Quality Assurance doesn’t end at your closing. BLVDWAY takes great pride in the quality of our sub-contractors and vendors and will continue to stand behind their work throughout our two-year Quality Assurance period.

Submit a Quality Assurance Request form and we’ll help you determine if your claim is covered and how to move forward with repairs.

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Grow Your Community / Referral

We know you’ll love your BLVDWAY home in the heart of the Denver area, so why not tell your friends and family about it. Help us grow your community by liking, referring, and reviewing.

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