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Warranty Request

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We’re here for you, just as we promised from the beginning. If you have concerns about the quality of a feature in your home, please submit a Warranty Request either through our Finishline Portal or the form below, depending on your address. We’ll work with you to determine if the item meets the standards of quality as defined in our Quality Assurance Program.  If not, we’ll work diligently to resolve your concerns with the least amount of disruption possible.

For further information or for questions on quality assurance coverage, refer to your Customer Care binder. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, give us a call at (303) 200-0742 extension 7. We’re here. Thank you for being our customer.

Which form to use

Please check the addresses listed below to determine how to submit your request. Only digital requests are accepted.

Online Form

If your home address falls in this range, use the online form below.


  • 2801 – 2839 S Elati St
  • 2852 – 2868 S Galapago Ct
  • 2806 – 2846 S Fox Ct
  • 2827 – 2847 S Fox St


  • 12882 – 12884 Jasmine St


  • 845 – 863 and 867 E 98th Ave


For addresses not listed under Online Form, please click on the button below to login to the portal.

Finishline Instructions

For homes listed above, please complete this online form.

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